Trial and error is a piece of RC Outboard.

Trial and error is a piece of RC Outboard.

------------- Detail -------------
" We Hand Made the RC Outboard. Some Time Call R/C Outboard. We do it all by hand. And use common with original tools. RC Outboard or R/C Outboard parts are used on the boats radio contral. And creative work at all by me. "

Projects 1 Rc outboard HandMade.

The first was a piece of work.
          I like to play the Radio Control. I played every day after work. The lake in the village. Existing one. I want to play the Radio Control boat outboard and I find in google, ebay, amzon and as many more, but I could not find RC Boat Outboard for Electric Motor. But the price is higher. So than i trouble with the cost of that month. I was thinking of doing it yourself. Of  knowledge. By using the basic tools for shaping metals, and it was. To boost revenue for me, too. Starting with the drafting of the paper.

Then the master RC Outboard of clay.

The Master of clay. Casting a. The Al metal. The RC Outboard parts as needed.any more, but I could not find rc outboard for Electric Motor.

Master For RC Outboard to process in sand casting.

Master Aluminium RC Outboard Casting

Supply scrap aluminum al. To be assimilated to the components of the RC Outboard.

Aluminium For Casting

Time later a foundry Aluminium heat for about 600-700 degrees Celsius.


While holding down forward. Al metal is molten aluminum is a Sand Mold Casting. Parts of the RC Outboard.

Sand Casting

At the time, so the liquid metal, Al metal is poured in Sand Mold Casting. And leave until cool.

Aluminium Casting

RC Outboard Casting

After trying it several times. It also failed. failed again. and failed failed..!!!

RC Outboard Casting Failed

RC Outboard Casting Failed and Failed again 

The second amendment to a piece RC Outboard.

I spent a few days. I'd rather have a piece reaches the cut surface before polishing. Will be completed. And expect. It will not do. The cost of other pieces to the project because I have a RC Outboard many more waiting to do in Oregon.

Outboard Parts

Another disadvantage is that I have a bunch of parts that can not be polished to a beautiful smooth skin as needed. Therefore, it is necessary to polish the rough - smooth and polished putty color.

set rc outboard aluminum

From that of the polished surface. To get a smooth surface. When the color guard. The next step will be a smooth surface.

This is a polished piece of work has been completed.


The Third The finishing details. Find a bug before the start painting. RC Outboard.